Thursday, January 17, 2013

What Happens When You Don't Exercise


Here's a picture of me at the gym the other day.  Just joking.  I don't do gym.  But I do need all the preservatives I can get.

The challenge at Less is More this week is to make a one layer card on the theme of sport or exercise.  Image and sentiment are both from Stampassions (long discontinued, I think).


Yesterday, we were posting anniversary cards to Darnell and Mister, and we should have also been posting our own wedding pictures onto Ardyth's blog.  Conveniently, mine were tucked away in the attic, but in the spirit of sharing, I decided to dig them out.  Ardyth's tip of taking a digital photo of your wedding pictures works a treat, especially if they're stuck into an old-fashioned wedding album, as mine are.

So here's a before picture from 23 May 1975.  I haven't looked through the album for years and years, so it was lovely to leaf through the pictures.  Except the one where the photographer must have been having a sly joke.  A group shot of the two of us, flanked by our parents, ranging from 6'4" (my dad) down to about 5'2" (his dad), ordered coincidentally in decreasing height.  You'll not be seeing that one!


  1. I'm thinking that I'm not getting enough preservatives!!

  2. Brilliant! I can't decide who had longer hair, you or your husband!


  3. What great fun!
    I love the stripy shorts and that sentiment is just fab!!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  4. Definitely a 70s wedding! I got married in 1970...and I looked like a baby! Look how young and innocent you two looked! So sweet! Love that card for the LIM challenge too!

  5. Great card and wedding photo! Funny how you can pick out the 70s weddings so easily (80s as well, actually!) I'm so glad you linked it up - it's great fun getting to know everyone a bit better!

  6. Beautiful wedding photo! Love the deep rich auburn color of your hair!

    Now about that card...the lipstick rocks! Again, I don't know how you find these treasures!

    ....I don't do gym either!

  7. Chuckle chuckle ... fab image and sentiment! I used to do gym, now I just need to but don't! Lovely romantic photo of you and your mister ... love your corsage! Anita :)

  8. This image I simply HAVE to own! Great card..!

  9. this really made me giggle.. fabulous sentiment

    Thanks for joining us
    Jen xx
    "Less Is More"

  10. Now, see, if that card were drawn using my physique, everything would look ezakly identical, except those quote marks would not be up at the fingers, they would be down by the upper arms where I now have flaps, like an airplane. They come in pretty handy!

    Thank you so much for coming back and linking your awesome wedding photo, Shirley. You both looked so sweet and so happy and so young! I am swooning over that corsage of yours! You're a ton of fun!!

  11. I just think this post is the cutest ever. Your photo shows a sign of the times. The mustache was a sure giveaway! You make a lovely bride! and the card is dead on. I feel more like the after too...