Saturday, January 21, 2017

Oh, Dear, What Can The Matter Be?

This old lady was locked in the lavatory
I was there for two hours actually
Nobody knew I was there.

But before I tell you about that, a card.  I'm playing along with Darnell's 5th blogaversary NBUS party, where the prompt is twofold: use some NBUS, and coloured pencils on kraft.

My NBUS stamps are The Bee's Knees Winter Mug and Shery's Coffee For All Seasons.  These were released in November, but because I was away I didn't get to play with them until now.


So.  Back to the bog.  DH was going out to do a bit of shopping and take the dog for a walk.  I'd gone into the bathroom, and as I turned the door handle to come out, the spring broke, and the handle was turning nothing.  I climbed on the bath to shout out of the window only to hear the car driving off.  B*gger!  So I emptied the bathroom cupboard looking for anything that I could improvise with, but surprisingly there were no screwdrivers, lock picks or hammers in there.  DH could be gone for a couple of hours, so I cleaned out the now empty cupboard and sorted the contents.  Did some exercises.  Cleaned a bit more.  More exercises.  Only half an hour had passed....  Fortunately for me, Florence isn't too good on her pins right now, so DH was back fairly soon.

Me (shouting through door):  Can you come up here?
DH: What, now?
Me: NOW!!!
Me:  Can you open the door please?
DH:  It won't open ...

B*gger again!  I'd just thought it would open from the other side.  Cue tool box, shoving screwdrivers under door, sliding credit cards down door frame, resorting to big hammer.  During all this:

DH:  Well, I had my mobile on me, you should have rung.


Currently there is no handle on the door, but there is a screwdriver in the cupboard.

I wouldn't care, but this is the second time it's happened to me.  A few years ago we were in Thailand, we'd checked out of the hotel earlier, but used the shower facilities before our journey to the airport.  DH went first while I sat with the hand luggage, then I went.  There was a changing room and separate shower room, so I got undressed, showered, went back to the changing room, and it had locked me out.  There was an English lady drying her husband's underpants under the hand dryer (I kid you not) and she offered to get the receptionist to sort it out, but there was obviously a language problem (or she'd run off laughing, not sure which) and nobody came.  So out I go into the hotel lobby, draped in two towels, trying to attract DH's attention.  I certainly attracted attention, but it took a while to get DH to look at me ;)  Eventually one of the hotel porters was sent around the back with a ladder to climb through the changing room window and unlock it from the inside.  Meanwhile, another porter had loaded our bags onto the wrong minibus, and our suitcases were already on their way to the airport... fortunately I had my change of clothes in the hand luggage.  Then, when I got to the airport, I went to the loo and realised I had my knickers on inside out.  But there was no way I was jinxing things and changing them!!!

Too much information??


  1. OMG! I am in hysterics, really. That is so funny and sounds like it could have come from a page from a Darnell tale. I really love the card and it will be pinned immediately on Pinterest. One question when you were in your bathroom did you have your cell phone? I had an incident recently where the car would not start and I had to call my husband for help. He looked strangely at me and said, "is this the key you used?" Yes. Barb that is the house key.

    1. I've not been in the habit of taking my phone to the loo with me at home, but I might start!!

  2. Such a fun post today......They say it comes in three's so I would carry your phone with you everywhere! x Classy card today x

  3. Thanks for the laugh Shirley - just what I needed!!! I think you should carry a miniature screwdriver set and phone on you at all times! I love your card and agree with the sentiment as you know!

  4. I laughed so hard I had to make a run to the ladies....but since I'm at home, I left the door slightly ajar, lol!!!! What a great story. And twice?!! We have those kinds of stories that go 'round the family and we sit, tell them, and laugh and laugh. What a sweet krafty coffee card, Shirley. Your stripes have the right bend to them to give them more dimension, and I love the shadow you've created. Fun card, and I'll bet Miss Darnell is going to love this one!! Off to chuckle while I finish making dinner... Bev

  5. I seriously came over here from Darnell's thinking, "now that's a mild card from s.bee. wonder what's up?" GAWD. Only a crafter would reorganize the bathroom cupboard contents while locked in! I had "one of those moments" and it did me in for life. Using the restroom at a McDonald's in Rome! Which is underground. And it's rooms, with walls up to the ceiling, not cubicles. With piped in loud music. And my door wouldn't open when I was done. (Actually, it did eventually, but not until I'd worked myself up to near panic level. No idea when or if DH would ever have come looking for me!) And DD, when she was about 6, got locked in the stall at a community center where we were for an afternoon gathering. Took me, bad mom, a while to realize she'd not come back to the table. Found out she was locked in when I went looking for her. Took a man with a screwdriver to get her freed! I'll have to ask her if she's scarred for life after that one...
    BTW, danke for your reply to my venting. And ditto, friend. Because where else could we share potty stories?!?

  6. Wonder !! Crema on top of the coffee looks so realistic that I want to drink it. I also love the cup is beautiful :-)

  7. Love your coffee mug...great colors! Hysterical antics in the bathroom although I'm sure it wasn't at the time!

  8. OMG Shirley...I am still laughing out loud...not sure you are though.. Love your color pencils colored coffee mug and kraft CS. TFS your story and card my friend. Hugs...

  9. I adore your card ... let's get that in before I forget why I came!!! OH I am so thrilled you've shared this experience - once, not twice?!?! I'd love to have seen the faces as you waltzed out in the towels!!! Shirley, I am SO claustrophobic, I'm afraid I would never have survived with my sense of humor intact! Thanks for the laugh... though I do feel a bit bad about it! xx

  10. Having met you in person has added so many layers to your stories today, my friend! I only wish I had met your DH, too, so I could visualize him in the process. Instead, I superimposed the Mister because, let's face it, they sound like two peas from the same pod, lol! Now I have to go have a lie down because I'm bezausted from laughing so hard. And I feel bad for being happy that Florence wasn't doing too well on her pins! Oh, my. My, my, my. Talking about knickers brings back memories of the my horrors at Heathrow Immigration ...!!

    Somewhere in here there is a card and a really warm and comfy cozy card it is! I would have recognized it as yours in the gallery in an instant if there were no names given! Thank you so much for the laughs, for playing in my NBUS Challenge #8, and for joining in the optional theme!! Hugs, Darnell

  11. First, the card ... awesome colouring with your pencils Shirley. The added shadow from the cup is so cool!

    I was laughing all through your story. Not laughing at you, but with you. :) I'm sure it is funny to you now, but not at the time. Good thing, you now have a very organized bathroom, and have done your exercises to last a week. :) I'm sure a screwdriver will become one of your basics in your bathroom cupboard from now on. :) Thanks for sharing your story!! xx

  12. Well, you've brightened up an already sunny day with your toilet tales, Shirley ... I read it twice and laughed even more the second time round ... you told them so well ... so definitely not too much information! Thank you! Great card BTW ... yummy stripes and such a cool shadow! Hugs, Anita :)

  13. Your card is fabulous...coloring is amazing, love the shadow...but your story steals the show today dear friend!!!

    I definitely SHOULD NOT have been sipping on my coffee while I read your post! Yep...spewed coffee over my desk when I burst out laughing! This seriously is something that should be on a television comedy show!!!