Friday, March 22, 2013

Divide and Conquer

Day 3 of Pattern Play was all about using loud in-yer-face patterns and how to calm them down.  One treatment is to chop them up - divide and conquer! (That was our motto for dealing with our two kids when they were loud and in-yer-face btw.  Dividing and conquering.  Not chopping them up.)

I went a bid mad with the homework and made four cards using the same technique.  This first one I'm entering into the MUSE challenge which has Marion's card as the inspiration:

Hopefully you can see what inspiration I used for my card, but just in case - the large flower images and the blocks (mine are of DP rather than different shades).

Here are the four loud patterns that I worked with for my homework:

And here's the rest of my homework:

When I started this post, I had chosen this one for the MUSE challenge, but as I was uploading the photos, I changed my mind to the pink and plum one.  I might add some bling to the flower centres to this one to make up for rejecting it.

For the next two, I couldn't decide which sentiment/border to put with which card as each one changed the emphasis of the colours in the background.

So here's what I decided on - mainly because the green panel wasn't quite wide enough to sit on the pink card.

Back to school for Lesson 4 - I'm still behind!


  1. This are gorgeous - I love that idea of breaking up a pattern and the first one is a really fun take on the Muse - I love that your 'stripes' are created differently and the flowers are included in the stripes rather than embossed on top of the paper.

  2. A+ on the D&C, Shirley-Bee! I haven't done this class yet and now I'm inspired by your creations, as well as whatever I will find in the videos!! TSM!

  3. Cute cute card set! :)


  4. Lovely papers and what a great way to use them!

  5. Wow, isn't it amazing how slicing the pp creates such a different look, Shirley ... these are so crisp and bright and fun! Thanks for the chuckle ... kids are intact then?! Anita :)

  6. What fabulous tips for in your face images, love all your beautiful cards!

  7. Great set of cards, I love the bright colour combos of the papers.
    Bling is always good for flower centres.
    Lorry :o) xx