Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Birthday Bicycle

I'm playing along with Darnell's NBUS challenge again before it closes tomorrow, this time inspired by Darnell's card to her Mister - doing a reverse-DJKASE.  I hadn't used this embossing folder for ages, then seeing Darnell's card prompted me to get a Distress Ink print off it.  My NBUS is the bicycle stamp.

Darnell's card

Darnell's poor Mister is reduced to wearing raggedy shorts held up with a bathrobe belt while Darnell spends all the housekeeping on more NBUS (isn't that what it's for?).  She's hoping some kindly widow lady might offer to take care of him.  Not me, I already got one, and one's definitely enough!

(We could always have a whip round for some new shorts for him, though.)

I'm also playing at Simon Says Wednesday Challenge, Anything Goes.


  1. Great job on the EF stamping! Love that bicycle!

  2. Oh, what a treat, Shirley Girley! I have never had anyone do a reverse DJKASE before! I'm thrilled! Your arty design using that e/f is brilliant and has made a fantastic card!!

    And I'm glad you have added to the amusement at the Mister's expense! He deserves it! You can forget a giftee of new shorts - I've tried that. In that drawer with the three other ratty pairs? Yup, three brand new ones. I think it's a mental condition. Sort of like buying card making products faster than you could ever hope to use them up in your lifetime. Cough!!

    Thank you so much for your continued support and for playing again in my NBUS Challenge!! Mwah! Darnell

  3. Oh, you are too funny! And I had the same idea about using Distress Inks on that embossing folder! Love how yours came out!

  4. LOVE the way you've used the embossing folder ... fabulous backdrop and colors for your bike image. Loll xx

  5. I love the fabulous flow of colors in the BG of this card !

  6. Your post made me giggle Shirley! It was hard work training one, wouldn't dream of training another!

    The blue & purple look great together - especially in the areas where the colors meet! Fun card :)

  7. That's such a cool background, Shirley ... love how the colours mingle and merge! Had a chuckle at the continuing Darnell's Mister's Shorts saga ... mine that looked like that (minus bathrobe belt) recently shuffled off this mortal coil! Anita :)

  8. Love the misted background, fabulous card.
    Thank you for joining us at Simon says Stamp Wednesday Challenge.