Monday, May 11, 2015

Now and Then

I got all excited when I saw the current challenge at The Card Concept, because I had some NBUS papers that were pretty much exactly the same design as the inspiration photo:

So out came the paper stash and I made this card.  Back then, I would use buy a lot of patterned paper, but having bought it, couldn't summon up any inspiration.  This card?  Bleh.  S'alright, I suppose, but not really doing it for me, doesn't make me happy.

BTW, have I shown you my ribbon stash?  I was surprised not to find any polka dot pink and white grosgrain in there...  The holes go all the way round, and each one is filled :)

But I digress.  Back to the cards.

Now, this card makes me very happy!  One layer, lots of stamping, lots of splattering, clean design, so this is the one I'm entering into The Card Concept.

And also in the One Layer Simplicity Challenge - Blossom.

Prisoner in the Dock, explain to the jury why, having confessed to hoarding patterned paper and hardly ever using it, you buy online, premeditated, more patterned paper.  And why you persisted with this foolishness by purchasing a 36 pack of 12x12 papers at the Port Sunlight show on Saturday.

Well, m'lud, the online purchase was 20% off with free p&p, and it was soooo pretty....  And the 36 pack of 12x12 was Tim Holtz papers, a bargain at half price :)

Guilty as charged.


  1. You are too funny! Guilty as charged...I hoard the patterned paper too and have no idea of what to do with it!
    The second card is FABULOUS!! So glad to see you playing at TCC!

  2. I am exactly the same way, Shirley! I went on a DP hoarding spree from 2008 to 2011 and have thousands of DP just languishing in storage. From time to time, I take some of them out to touch and admire...can't bring to use them in cards (because I suck at doing real layers) but have occasionally used them as grounds in mixed media canvases. I have gotten better at hoarding -- I just buy a pack or two (at 40% to 60% off) every quarter or so LOL. Love both your cards, but I agree with you --- the second card made me happy! My card of card! LOVE!

  3. Sweet cards Shirley. LOVE your ribbon storage ... it's a piece of art in itself! xx

  4. It's not 'bleh' it's very pretty. the 2nd card is much more 'you' and I fell in love as soon as I saw it at the Card Concept! What flower stamp is it or did you design it yourself?? Love the ribbons!

    1. It's Brushed Poppies by Clearly Besotted, Jenny. It's a three-part stamp.

  5. We are our own worst critics, Shirley! I don't see anything bleh here at all, only beauty! And let's not get into the paper hoarding discussion...LOL

  6. I agree. With everything. Those poppies are OMG beautiful!

  7. Definitely not 'bleh!' I really like that first card. It's out of your comfort zone perhaps, but a lovely design. Captures all the elements of the inspiration photo perfectly. Now your second card is more 'you.' It's stunning and quite beautiful too. Those poppies are magnificent. Two great cards! Bev

  8. Both your cards are lovely, I especially like your border of text on the top one.

  9.'s a sickness mf.
    Great nailed the inspiration card and the olc is wonderfully done....

  10. Your cards are both gorgeous Shirley:) I also love patterned paper and have quite a stash.....but I never use it seems to confuse me on cards LOL! Hugs xx

  11. I think both of your cards are fabulous! Fabulous interpretation of this week's sketch with your first card - especially with the striped paper! Your second card did make my CAS loving heart kick into high gear! White space does that to me every time! thought I had a lot of ribbon. My bucket would be considered empty compared to yours!!

  12. Not bleh, Shirley ... more like pretty ... and a perfect match to the inspiration! The poppies ... beautiful, crisp, CAS ... sigh! Want some more ribbon for your holder?? Anita :)

  13. I most certainly resemble that last remark, m'lady! 1st card - very pretty. 2nd - Shirley-magical-and gorgeous!!
    =] Michele

  14. Nothing 'blech' about your first card but I hear what you're saying about papers, layering, hoarding, buying more papers to hoard...guess we'll be sharing a cell! You second card: gorgeous and most definitely YOU! Love it oodles!

  15. Too funny!

    Both cards are lovely and so very different. Your OLC looks especially wonderful with the spatters and fab colors!