Friday, July 10, 2015

Craft Stamper Reminder - Take a Stamp

Are you playing along with Craft Stamper Take It, Make It challenge?  All you need is a stamp.  Or two, or three or four!

My card started off with a huge blob of black acrylic paint.  I'd opened the tube (a real cheapie from a bargain shop), and I keep forgetting that it's really fast flowing.  So before I even squeezed it there was a huge blob of it on my craft sheet.  Not wanting to waste the paint, I brayered it onto a couple of mixed media panels and decided that one of them looked like buildings.  I added some yellow and cream paint on the end of a paddle stick to represent windows.  I stamped and coloured an image from Tim Holtz Runway (not the one on the card) but she looked like a hooker touting for business in the wrong end of town, so I stamped this more demure shopper instead.  The city text comes from my CityGirl stamp set, and the shopping' text comes from one of those dial-a-stamp things that I've had for years.

So, enough about me, what about you?  You could win four stamp plates from Art Journey if yours is the randomly chosen entry.  Or, if your entry is chosen by the Design Team, it will be published in Craft Stamper magazine in a two-page spread, you'll get to be a guest designer in a future challenge, and you'll have your very own profile post on the blog, so come and join us! (Do read the rules at the top of the blogpost first, though!)


  1. Well, your black blob ended up being a great background for your card! Like the demure lady shopper, but it would have been nice to see the other one (got a chuckle out of this). Beautiful card!

  2. Wow! I don't think there is another crafter out there than would be able to turn a 'black blob' into a masterpiece like you have! Funky, trendy and so cool! I love it :)

  3. Haha - loved reading about your creative process here. "I'm Shirley - I'm just gonna splatter paint everywhere and somehow it always turns out majestically wonderful - no big deal" Seriously jealous of your talent. In a good way though!

  4. So cool, Shirley ... that brayering really does look like buildings, especially with the addition of the windows ... and your demure shopper is so chic and stylish! Anita :)

  5. I'm just back from spending a week with my mom, and in an effort to keep the tears at bay, I'm going for a stroll through your gallery to catch up on commenting (my much travel of late!). I know you'll cheer me up...and this card has already done so! Fabulous 'save' with the paint to create the lovely brayered background - and your image..oh my! Tres chic!