Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Anniversary Darnell & Mister

And Whoosh, it's Anniversary time!

The blogvine has been busy, and surreptitious emails have been flying around the world, so that we could get together and wish our dear blogfriend Darnell and Mister Hunk Kevin a very happy 43rd wedding anniversary.

Darnell has been sharing photos of herself and Mister in their younger married days (they didn't look old enough to be married!), and Ardyth had a little ruse going with Darnell that they would set up a wedding photo post.  Well, that's what Darnell thought.  In the meantime, Ardyth sent word out for followers and friends of Darnell to post an anniversary card.  If we didn't manage to contact you, please don't feel left out, it's just that not everybody's email address is public and, of course, we couldn't go public on this.  But please join in the fun and link up at Ardyth's blog.

If you're not a follower of Darnell, you're missing a treat as she regales us with her exploits in her own special way (and special language!).  She has us crying and laughing, usually in the same post. Husbands and other family members wonder why we start to sniffle while we're on our computers or tablets, then suddenly snort (I misspelled that as snot - but quite often that's the case too) with laughter.  And today's post is no exception.  Have a look at Mister's shirt.

So, Darnell and Kevin, Happy 43rd Anniversary!  Enjoy your day.  No, SERIOUSLY, enjoy your day!  And I'll raise a glass to you both.  It's only half past twelve here, but it's five o'clock somewhere!

Conveniently, I haven't got a scanned wedding photo.  After I've raised a glass or two I may scan one  ;)


  1. Fab card, love the teeny hearts and what a fun post ... what was that about needing to snot with laughter?? Anita:)

  2. Thanks for your wonderful post - you summarized it better than I ever did during the brief 'planning' phase of this - I'm so glad you joined in the fun and can't wait to see your wedding photos (I just took a photo of my album with my digital camera - it worked surprisingly well!)

  3. Hi Shirley. Love your card ... and your post. You have captured the "essence" of Darnell today :)

  4. This is all so cool. Like being dead, but not really, like you can still hear what people are saying. Awesome, huh? In my case, it is certainly awesome! Mister and I are both overwhelmed and I've now got a full understanding of what the Brits call "gob-smacked!" My mussells are like jelly.

    Thank you so much for dedicating your post to our special day, Shirley, and to me, personally. I love your card so much!! And I love your post and must say that you have moved up the list to being Understudy Ghost Writer Number One. Yippee!!

    I've made a special Pinterest Board for your card and others I've received. I am asking everyone for the flavor of replacing their card thumbnails with their wedding thumbnails, which makes this unigue and so fun. Okay? Okay. So dig it out, sister, and get snapping or scanning and linking! Thank you! Can't wait to see it!

    Oh, and when is your anni day so I can send you a congratulations comment on your special day? Please? Let me know. Don't worry I won't blindside you like my (air quotes) friend, Ardyth, did. I think we can all agree that she is now the Queen of (Geometric, CAS, Rainbowy, Stained Glass) Cards and Surprises! And I love her for it.

    Love you, too! Mwah! Your friend, Talks A. Lot

  5. I think this is super post and a fabulous card! The glasses are so elegant - just perfect for the champers!!