Sunday, August 25, 2013

Project Life Cards

Now I'm not a scrapbooker, nor am I a Project Lifer, but I do like a new challenge.  And there's a Project Life challenge at Little Tangles as part of their month-long Birthday Bash.

I like the idea of Project Life layouts compared to scrapbook layouts.  The PL cards are 2x3 so it's a great way to use up scraps of card, it's a small canvas to work on, it's no big deal if one doesn't turn out, and you could always use them as the focus of a card if you're not into Project Life albums.  So I had a go.  And couldn't stop.

Everyday Circles, Spellbinders circle die, ribbed red card.

Everyday Circles, drew a face, coloured cheeks and drew a border.

This stamp is the ideal size for a PL card!

Everyday Circles, Large Parker Numbers, Stickles

On The Strip, Large Parker Numbers, Small Parker Alphabet 

Fresh Blooms (that flower reminded me of a bird, added an eye, a beak, some legs and a leaf/wing), washi tape, dotted border.

Fresh Blooms (erratic flightpath due to too much honey...)

Everyday Circles, On The Strip, Stickles


  1. Love these mini cards! They look great all placed together-- so fun and trendy!

  2. These are so much fun! I love how you made your own PL cards, and like you said, they'll be great for a focal point on a card.

  3. How absolutely CUTE are these! Fabulous!!

  4. Wowsers - you totally rocked this, Shirley! thanks for being so enthusiastic about our Birthday Bash and its challenges. I enjoy your entries very much and you're chockful of inspiration! These PL cards are perfect.

  5. Super seeing them all together!
    Thanks for joining us at Little Tangles!