Saturday, August 06, 2016

Creative Chemistry 103 and Darnell's Royal Visit

Well, Creative Chemistry 103 is drawing to a close, and I'm only halfway through watching Day 2 lessons.  But I'm really enjoying it, exploring the new products, and using new techniques with old products.

I did manage to finish Day 1 homework, so at least I've got one thing to add to the gallery.

It's almost two weeks since I met up with Darnell on her Royal Visit, but haven't had a chance to blog about it until now.

Having met at Darnell's hotel in Knutsford on the Tuesday morning, we set off for Port Sunlight.  Darnell's face was a picture when I handed her a printout of the driving directions and asked her how her navigating skills were ;)  I don't have SatNav and I'd never been that route before, so it wasn't an entirely flippant remark!  With only one unscheduled detour we managed to find our way through the country lanes and on to the motorway towards Port Sunlight.  I thought it would be nice for Darnell to see (a) a village built by a philanthropic 19th century employer for his workers, and (b) where the twice-yearly stamp festival is held at Hulme Hall.  We were met by another bloggie friend, Em Louise Fairley, who had thoughtfully put together an information and photo pack for us.

L-R Darnell, me, Monika, Ros, Em Louise
After a quick whizz round we were on the train into Liverpool to meet up with Ros Crawford and Monika Skinner for lunch.  Ros's husband Ian had to battle two flat tyres before he could take us on a guided tour of the city.  Ian is extremely knowledgeable about the city and we all learned plenty.  One of the places Darnell didn't get to see was the gents' toilets in the Philharmonic pub ;)  Actually, if you Google 'Philharmonic pub toilets', you'll be able to see them without needing a peg on your nose.

Look who joined us for lunch!
I stayed over on the Tuesday night, and on Wednesday Darnell had arranged lunch with several bloggers from around the north west, details on Darnell's blog here.  Before the lunch I had time to nip to the garden centre next door which had a very good choice of greetings cards, some of which I may or may not have photographed.  Bought a couple of presents while I was in there, so I felt justified in taking piccies.

It was so lovely to be part of Darnell's Royal Visit, and I'm looking forward to reading about her escapades at the retreat and in London - and I see her post has just come through, so I may be gone a while...


  1. Royal, indeed! You certainly made me feel like royalty, Shirley Girley! I enjoyed the dedicated time we had together on the road and a delicious dinner and dessert! Great photo of Hammy, BTW! Hammy'll be capturing that one for his own special post after I've finished all of mine. And well done on Tim's class! Your makes are fantastic!! Lots of love and thanks, again!! Darnell

  2. Oh I enjoyed reading about Darnell's tour so much... must have been awesome to meet IRL!

  3. It was really lovely to meet you and I had a fabulous time! Wonderful tags there Shirley ... Looks like a good class! Have a lovely day!

  4. She's pretty marvelous, isn't she, Shirley?!! Having spent time with her, I can honestly say what a wonderful person she is, and I'll bet you two had a wonderful time together. So nice to meet up with bloggy friends irl. Port Sunlight sounds intriguing, and if I ever get across the pond, I'll make that a 'must-see' stop. Gorgeous tags, btw... I love the colors and that dragonfly especially. Well done!! Bev

  5. awesome wonderful to visit a fellow blogger IRL, you are so lucky!

  6. Dedicated Darnell time ... how fabulous, Shirley ... you two must've had such a fun time making your way across country ... and discovering Port Sunlight! Splendid tags ... enjoy the rest of the class! Hugs, Anita :)