Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Creative Chemistry 3 Power Session

I've been powering through my Creative Chemistry 3 lessons, and doing my homework like a good little girl ;)  

The course has been choc-full of lessons and techniques, and is incredible value for money at $25.  If you've already done Creative Chemistry 101 and 102, and were wavering about taking the 103, I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

So, here's Day 2, which was all about Distress Paint and Sprays:

Day 3, which was Distress collage mediums and textures:

and Day 4, Distress Crayons:

I've still got Days 5 and 6 to go yet!


  1. OMG Shirley...the classes are on my wishlist...Hope to do them as a Winter project with several other stamping girlfriends. You have inspired my my friend. Hugs, nancy
    P.S. I have all 3 Distress Crayon sets...loved your tags :-)

  2. WOW ... AMAZING techniques and products with your artistic skills Shirley. As Nancy mentioned above, there's a few of us that are in awe of the work from you and your fellow participants in the Chemistry course. We are hoping to take some time this winter to go through some of the past courses together. You've inspired us! xx

  3. WOW! These are waaaaaay beyond amazing and creative! Cool colors and really cool designs!

  4. Oh those colors. Oh that texture. Not sure I want to join the crayon bandwagon, but I bet they are fun to play with. Watercolor-y-er than gelatos, eh?